December 2018
Trademark squatters: increasing problems
Last year, leading IP magazine WTR published an article about the activities of trademark squatter Michael Gleissner, a person behind at least 1200 different companies registering trademarks and initiating proceedings against trademark owners for financial gain. Further research that was conducted by Turnstone over the past weeks revealed that the problems are even bigger than outlined in the WTR article. Not only can nowadays about 1300 Benelux trademark applications or registrations be linked to this person, Gleissner is also very active in filing cancellation actions against (well known) trademarks. As his activities and behavior certainly put trademark owners under pressure, and as it seems unlikely that he has any other goal than financial profit in mind, Turnstone partner Michiel Haegens presented the results of research and solutions to tackle this problem during last week’s meeting of the Benelux Association of Trademark and design Law.

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