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Turnstone advises on all aspects of trademark and design rights. From filing to registration, from enforcement to defence, from purchase to sale.


Registration of trademarks and designs

The crucial starting point. A trademark or design right can only be properly defended if it is registered correctly. We will therefore only get started when we have determined together with you where you are now and where you want to be in 10 years. And then our expertise comes into play. Turnstone has an extensive international network, so we can record your trademarks and designs anywhere in the world. Want to know more? Our team shall be pleased to provide any further information.

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Clearance searches

In order to be registrable, a trademark must meet two important requirements. First, it must be sufficiently distinctive and not e.g. misleading. Even more important, however, is that the mark is available, or in other words, that it is free for use. Prior marks and tradenames may form an obstacle to the use of the proposed new mark. For that reason, Turnstone offers various search options to determine the availability of your new mark.

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Management of international IP portfolios

Thanks to our extensive international experience and our state-of-the-art software system, we are in an excellent position to manage extensive international trademark and design portfolios. Our network of like-minded, quality-oriented foreign agents, built up over the years, is truly indispensable.

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Due diligence

Due diligence research

When selling or acquiring companies, but also when arranging financing therefor, a good insight into the intellectual property position of a company is becoming increasingly important. Thanks to our extensive experience, Turnstone can provide quick insight, so that the process is not delayed. Naturally we also have extensive experience with the recording of mergers, acquisitions, liens and license contracts in the relevant registers.

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Advise on procedures and conflicts

All Turnstone advisers have a legal background. So they do not only have commercial insight, but also know what needs be done if an issue arises. Whether that is a refusal of a trademark abroad, or a Dutch civil lawsuit. Where necessary, we work together with a number of highly qualified lawyers, while we also have specialized patent attorneys in our core network. That way you will never be alone.

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Preparation of IP agreements

Trademark rights are an economically valuable asset. They can be licensed, sold, and can be used as collateral for a business loan. Such a license, transfer or pledge can normally only be invoked against third parties if the underlying agreement is registered in the trademark register. Turnstone has considerable experience in recording such agreements at home and abroad and can, if necessary in cooperation with your lawyer or notary, prepare the necessary documents.

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