July 2018
EU IPO statistics
Now that EU IPO published its statistics over the period 2010-2017, it is even more obvious how IP has developed over the past decade and what a the success story the EU IPO has become.

Figures show that the filing volume of trademarks at EU IPO in 2017 was nearly 50% higher compared to 2010. In the period 2010-2017 nearly a million EU trademarks were filed!

German companies and individuals are the top filers for both EU trademarks and designs, followed by the US and other larger European economies (including the Netherlands). Multinationals like LG, L’Oréal, Novartis, Samsung and Nike lead these rankings. On average, a trademark application includes 3 classes, with classes 9, 35 and 42 being most popular. It is expected that the number of classes will decrease over the next couple of years as since two years, a fee is due for each class, while previously an applicant paid the same fee up to three classes. Such a decrease is already visible for trademark renewals, for which the same new fee structure applies.

Despite the increasing workload, EU IPO has managed to decrease the timelines for all its procedures. For example, the time to publication decreased with about 70% and the time to obtain a decision in an opposition went down with some 25%.

For EU designs, the rise in applications between 2010-2017 was significant as well with 34%. The time from application to registration decreased from 12 days in 2010 to only 5 days in 2017.

The EU IPO office, located in Alicante, Spain can certainly take credit for a substantial portion of this success, as it has developed a highly efficient registration system. Furthermore, it continues to increase efficiency.

The rumor goes that a number of Asian countries is developing a similar system through which trademark rights can obtained in multiple countries by means of one application. Let us hope that the many good elements of the EU IPO system will find their way abroad as well.

Of course, Turnstone will keep you posted.